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Flu outbreak closes school after 182 children fall ill

A Brisbane school will be closed on Friday after a massive flu outbreak.

Middle Park State School, in Brisbane’s southwest, is asking all students to stay home on Friday as the school is thoroughly cleansed.

“Please check your emails for details about attendance Friday 3 August,” reads a message posted to the school’s Facebook page on Thursday.

“We have an extraordinary outbreak of Influenza A & B and urge parents to keep their students home.”

Fifteen teachers and 182 children were sick on Thursday due to an extraordinary outbreak of Influenza A and B.

A Year 6 “Technology Day” at the school was also cancelled due to “exceptional health issues.”

Parents with children attending the school expressed their concerns on the Middle Park School Facebook page, asking if children at a Year 5 camp were okay.

“Thanks for taking swift action,” one parent wrote.

“Good call,” another said.

On Wednesday the school alerted parents to the flu outbreak, posting: “Influenza has hit the Centenary Suburbs hard.”

“Be assured we are doing everything possible to deal with the issue such as sending information on symptoms and exclusion periods,” the message continues.

“We have also allocated extra hours to cleaning to deal with exterminating infectious germs.

“Lucky our staff is so diligent with dealing with these situations.”

The Queensland Department of Education has been contacted for comment.

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