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Frequently Asked Questions

 01  How often should I have the air conditioners in my home, professionally serviced?

It is recommended that air conditioners be thoroughly serviced and cleaned on an annual basis by an air conditioning specialist.




 02  The carpet cleaners have offered to clean my air conditioners when they come to do my carpets. Can they do this?

If they are only cleaning the primary filters and outer casing, that's fine.  If you are wanting a thorough clean of the coils, if you see mould or there is a bad smell coming from your unit, only a licensed and qualified air conditioning specialist should be used.  There is potential for electrocution, damage to your equipment or rendering your warranty void.  The coils should only be cleaned using specialist non corrosive air conditioning cleaning products.



 03  Why Choose AirCon Hygiene?​


Aircon Hygiene technicians are not just cleaners, they are qualified in refrigeration so will be able to advise you on any other technical issues

AirCon Hygiene is family owned and operated therefore we take great pride in every aspect of our service

AirCon Hygiene is not a franchise therefore we are able to charge less

AirCon Hygiene use the best products in the industry (Viper & Sterile Care) which are food safe and also used in hospitals



 04  How do I know if my air conditioner is blowing mould and other bacteria into our living space?​


Air conditioners and heat pumps slowly become infested with microbiological deposits and these typically take the form of mould and other related fungi spores.

Through time and use, these infestations spread throughout the airways of the air conditioner and if left long enough without treatment, they become visible and can clearly be seen when looking into the air vent blade areas. These spores become airborne every time you turn on your unit, and you may have started feeling the effects such as sore, itchy or irritated eyes, nose or throat along with coughing and sneezing.  This may be worse for allergy and asthma suffers .

 05  Will having my air conditioner cleaned and serviced save me money and preserve the life of my equipment.
YES!! is the answer to both points of this question. 
Our detailed service also improves the efficiency of the heat exchangers which can reduce your electrical energy consumption, furthermore having your equipment cleaned and serviced correctly prolongs the life of your equipment and reduces the risk of equipment failure.  
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