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AirCon Hygiene cannot be held responsible for any pre-existing condition that is not apparent  upon visual inspection.

These conditions may include but not be limited to:

  • Faulty Remote Controls, Exhausted Batteries or Corrosion

  • Faulty Printed Circuit Boards in the Evaporator/Condenser

  • Worn Airflow Louvre Motors or Brittle Louvres / Filters due to age or Poor Maintenance

  • Any air conditioner over 10 years of age, the customer understands there is a risk providing any maintenance to aged equipment and accepts that any failures due to aged components indemnifies AirCon Hygiene from liability

  • Faulty or Deteriorated Pipe Insulation or lagging

  • Faulty or Damaged Electrical Cabling or Circuit Isolating Switches

  • Condensate Pump Failure or leaking where fitted post cleaning

  • Any damage caused to furniture when assisting in removal to enable access to work site

  • Where Air conditioners are cleaned that have wall mounted televisions below the air conditioner, no liability will be accepted for any damage caused by condensate leaking, in any period post service.

  • It is the recommendation of AirCon Hygiene that no flat screen television or monitor be wall mounted directly under an air conditioning evaporator.

  • Poorly mounted or unprofessional fixing of evaporators to walls or ceilings.  AirCon Hygiene will not be held liable for any system damage due to incorrect wall or ceiling fixing of HVAC equipment.


AirCon Hygiene will only warrant claims with respect to workmanship of the services provided if the claim is reported within 7 days of completion of the work. In the event of a customer complaint, the customer undertakes to give AirCon Hygiene the opportunity to rectify all work.



AirCon Hygiene technicians will only provide outdoor condenser coil flushing where listed with a service if the condenser is mounted at ground level.  All bracket and roof mounted condensers are required to have 2 technicians perform work at heights and therefore surcharges would apply.

AirCon Hygiene Guarantee the indoor Evaporator Coils will not accumulate mould for a minimum period of 12 months on Full Hygiene Service from the Date of Service.  

  1. For warranty claims: if you notice mould on the indoor evaporator coils, please call 0421 280 768 or email

  2. This warranty will be voided if the warranted equipment is serviced or cleaned by any contractor other than a licensed AirCon Hygiene technician within the warranty period.

  3. Normal contamination and dirt build up on other parts of the air conditioner are excluded. No other warranty is expressed or implied. No one is authorised to assume for the Company any other liability in connection with this product.

  4. This guarantee is transferrable.

  5. This guarantee does not apply to air conditioners in kitchens, beauty salons, hairdressers, massage therapy rooms, manufacturing plants, food production areas or bakeries.



Whilst AirCon Hygiene treatment and products do have deodorising effects, we do not guarantee against odours reoccurring.

Over many years the common source of odours has been proven to come from

  • Biological contamination of coils, blowers and drain pans,

  • Inadequate or incorrectly installed condensate drains,

  • Evaporators that have been subjected to cooking, fats and greases, incense, essential oils;

  • Vermin and insects entering the system and dying e.g. mice, geckos, cockroaches etc.


An AirCon Hygiene Full Hygiene Service will address most odour problems originating from biological contamination on evaporator coils.

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