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Is the air in your home or business a bit smelly?

So why is this happening? In many cases, air conditioning blows bad smelling air because of mould and mildew that has grown in your system. Your air conditioner produces condensation and moisture and there’s also air circulation inside the unit. Small pieces of debris ranging from human DNA, skin and hair to dust and insect parts can get clogged to the coil fins and fan or around drainage areas. This combination of moisture and pollutants eventually tend to produce mould growing bacteria viruses and other harmful pollutants. Your AC is a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and pollutants! When that growth starts, the air conditioning blows bad smelling contaminated air into your home.

Many of our customers have been saved from expensive repair bills and replacements of nonoperational units when all that was needed was a one of our Full Hygiene Services!

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