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Qualified technicians serving South East QLD

Cleaning the Filters
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Why choose us:


Mould and bacteria builds up on air conditioner coils and spreads airborne bacteria, which leads to potential respiratory issues.  With our full hygiene service,  after cleaning, we treat the entire unit with an actibacterial agent.


Registered contractors of Queensland's Government Building and Asset Services, we offer the best hygiene service at the most competitive price.  Please invite us to quote for your next cleaning cycle. Click for gallery


With no out-of-hours surcharge, minimal disruption to environment, and professional and identifiable uniforms, we work around your business requirements to ensure your building remains healthy.

Qualified technicians, not just cleaners

All products used are non allergenic, purpose specific, imported from the US and EPA approved

Official Contractor to Qld Government's Business & Assets Services

Australian Refrigeration Council approved

Not a franchise so we can charge less

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We can tailor a complete maintenance plan to suit your home or business needs.

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